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Type of Work

Brand Strategy


Logo Design

Visual Identity

One of our biggest challenges we faced was creating a logo and visual identity that would work across multiple settings, encompassing the various settings seen in the gameplay incorporating greek, arabic and asian influence, while remaining accessible to a western fantasy loving audience.​

We wanted to bring the world to life by creating a companion character to add more depth to the world in Zephyros. Conceptualising a product line of plushie toys to showcase the fandom celebration of the fantasy adventure.

Zephyros is a conceptual action adventure game based on the Unreal Engine 5 demo gameplay created by Mold 3D Studio and Epic Games in 2021, as seen in their UE5 demo and short film Slay. 


We loved the work they created and wanted to flesh out the world, building a brand and visual identity that'd make you dissapointed when you realise the game isn't actually playable.