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Edinburgh Napier Esports

Edinburgh Napier University -

The UK's 10th best modern University. 


Edinburgh Napier University



Type of Work


Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Brand Messaging

Apparel design


As the #1 Modern University in Scotland, Edinburgh Napier takes especial pride in overall student satisfaction, being #1 University in Edinburgh 3 years running.

Often being a local perception as 'the other university in Edinburgh'. Instead of shying away from being seen as an underdog, we leaned into it.


We wanted to create something inherently 'Napier' while building a sense of ownership for students, as well a brand that those applying would want to be a part of.


  • Secured interest of prospective and existing students

  • Increased student engagement & society growth

  • Gained brand clarity for all fans with 'branded house' 

  • Boosted sponsor & partnership brand perception cementing the seriousness of the society

As well as a feeling of  being '2nd best', in the brand strategy phase Napier used the term 'not nerdy' which became a staple part of building the visual identity.

Hosting events social and competitively as well as assembling rosters for other tournaments created confusion amongst new society members where their place was if they were only interested in a single facet.

To build visual seperation the combination mark logo can be used in different formats to showcase each area, while working together when each part of the society acts as a whole. 

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