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We Are

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Croft is a gaming & esports
branding agency:

Crafting brands for the next generation of fans to shout about.

We are a team of internet native gamers, operating across the world.


At Croft our mission is to elevate gaming and make the world a more visually

awesome place.

We're bridging the gap between disengaged followers and brands seeking lifelong fanatics.

Our team lives esports, strategy & design. We couldn't stop ourselves from doing this if we tried.

So, what does croft mean?

noun - /krɒft/

  1. Common in Scotland,  a Croft is a small rented farm, that helps a larger farm grow and maintain their land  and produce.

We do the same thing...


Except we cultivate brands instead of carrots!

Our Story


Our journey began with a passion for storytelling. Originally operating as a video production company, specializing in crafting captivating social content.


We caught the gaming & esports buzz, and started working with Esports Scotland on the inaugural season of the Scottish Esports League.


During the 2nd season of Scotland's national tournament, we took the content reins and worked with BBC Sport Scotland for their first ever esports broadcast.


With covid largely stopping our video production capabilities, we took the opportunity to focus our offerings on building brands at a deeper level.


Continuing the new direction, having already lead the content of SEL for 3 years, we took full control of the brand, elevating it's image and securing significant partners including Lenovo, Currys, Irn Bru, GT Omega and more.


Having lead the charge with competitive gaming in Scotland for the last 5 years, we continue to strive for the betterment of gaming and esports globally.

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Dale R Mur  ay Founder / Director


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Hey There! I'm Dale the founder of Croft.


Born in New Jersey of immigrant parents and later raised in Scotland, (with a stint in Toronto & Stuttgart) I've spent my life as bit of an outsider; Fitting in to new cultures and understanding where people come from, how they think and what makes them passionate, although challenging, has become a bit of a superpower!

It's a practice I've done on a daily basis subconsciously since moving continents at 10 years old. This philosophy has been key to all my work: understanding people and why they care.

Croft really kicked off and was relaunched after I got made redundant from my dream job, two weeks before I was set to move into my first home! On one hand an absolute rug pull, on the other an opportunity to finally bring to life the business I had in my heart for years. Bringing together

all the experience from throughout my career, Croft was formed. ​


Xp Points

Some of the brands our team has worked with


We are empassioned fans crafting brands built to last

Croft Esports branding agency gamers icon


pew pew pew


Aiming for the highest heights


As soon as the work is done we're out cheering in the stands

How we operate.

We are outcome focused, not hour driven. Our team operates efficiently and remotely across the globe.


Happy staff make great work and we do everything we can to ensure this. 


- 4 day work week [mon-thur]

- Core hours [11:00 -15:00 gmt/bst]

- Remote work 

- Unlimited Holidays

- Across business Transparency

Our Work.

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