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150 years of club games


St. Mirren

Football Club

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Brand Strategy


Brand Messaging

Logo Design

Visual Identity

With the average season ticket holder of the Premier league being 45 (Man Utd), Football clubs across Europe need ways to reengage young fans. 

Combine the infinitely rising popularity of gaming, we sought to combine the passion for traditional games, with digital ones - creating a new genuine brand ready for the future that young fans can make their own. 

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St mirren footbal club in scotland esports and gaming brand strategy for sports makreting to young fans engaging the next generation of gamers authentically with fortnite fifa eafc rocket league gaming and esports strategy content and design

Counter Attack

Just like the club at it's origin, the gaming club was created first and foremost for the community, giving young gaming fans a place to make their own, while providing a healthy parameter to enjoy their digital hobby together that non-gamers can get behind.


But just like at the club's conception, St Mirren Gaming Club is ready for competition. 

From Cubs to Giants

With St Mirren FC's Panda club supporting 3-12 year olds in the community, after that age bracket there was nothing catering to young fans. 


The gaming club tapped into the passion these members already had, merging 

video games, competition and their local club St. Mirren.

A collage of images showing gaming fans for a sports marketing idea, gaming and esports for sports fans. Creating a new brand for the sports team targeting new football fans and young gamers who want an authentic brand to engage with. Creating logo, branding , visual identity, brand messaging and more for the football club's gaming venture

With nearly 150 years of club history, we wanted the new brand to feel inherently 

St Mirren while feeling appropriate to the demographic. We used this in our approach taking key visual elements from the logos of the past and combining them into a modern mark for the new club.


We explored 60+ options during the process, but the silhouette of the original crests' flower bursting out into angled stripes captured all the key elements most effectively - remaining fresh, simple and scalable, while new yet familiar.


This project was created as a proof of concept for an alternative way sports clubs can utilise gaming in both a community and competitive environment. 


By building a new brand intrinsic to the original, we give both existing fans and new ones something to take as their own, letting familiars feel comfortable, and new comers welcome to the new chapter. 


We know sports supports can hate big change, and by building a new brand just for gaming, we prevent the fans feeling their sports team is being changed in to something it shouldn't be. 'Kids should be out playing football not games' is something we hear a lot, but always respond: kids are playing hours of video games either way, so better to give them a community to do it in and teach them about how to enjoy the hobby more healthily & safely.


For a club, this strategic approach creates a win win; new fans and existing alike coming together behind their brands, increasing community engagement and the supporter base, creating a pipeline for people that may never have had an interest in the club to take their first step through the door, and lastly preparing for the eventuality of competitive gaming leagues by establishing a fanbase ready to show up for their esports team when it comes, and a space for new talent to incubate.

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